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Garden Designs & Ideas

Certain spaces require certain arrangements to bring out those feelings of Zen, Joy and Happiness.

This is the aim of our Garden Designers at Eden Gardens.

Garden Landscaping

The most important thing is the structural layout of the land.

With top end materials and our craftsmen’s hearts, our landscape projects always manage to bloom, year after year.

Professional Garden Maintenance

One of the most important things in nature is maintenance.

This is why we provide professional garden maintenance, as we understand what the plants need to be happy and know how to look after Mother Nature as she looks after us.

Our Latest Garden Works

Eden Gardens Projects Landscaping Design Maintenance London kids play area

Crouch End, N8

Eden Gardens Projects Landscaping Design Maintenance London

Highgate, N6

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Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Gardener

The Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Gardener

Proper landscaping can be just what you need to really bring your garden, or the general outdoor space together. But this can also be a difficult feat, particularly time-consuming and as we’ve seen many times, easy to get wrong. And this is where a professional landscape gardener comes in handy. Just check out these four…
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Why is landscaping important?

The well-landscaped yard can be seen from afar. It can change the whole look of the outdoor space, create a more pleasant feeling for residents and visitors. The importance of landscape art is great, starting from outdoor lighting, to greenery and colorful vegetation, irrigation system, artificial water areas, etc.  Why is landscaping important? There are…
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