Flowers that give life to every garden

The Importance of Flowers

Flowers are the emblem of your lifestyle. Though not living creatures, there are emotions around them, generating a positive attitude and breathing new life. By caring for them, you care about nature. You create the sculpture that is called the “new life”. Our communication with plants takes place in a smart way, they give a clear sign when we do not make efforts to grow them. Even without words, they react to our dislike.

Many of the experiments prove that the colours have an unknowable influence on the mental state of man.

The same applies to the beautiful colours our flowers give us.

Colours and their meaning

The main colors that suggest the secret symbolism of exquisite silence are as follows:

  • The yellow colour reveals symbolism for the sun, the new day and the future.
  • Red colour is associated with blood and love. It shows the desire for leadership, the strong will to win, stimulates nervous and hormonal activity.
  • Plants with broad leaves and deep green colour contribute to logical thinking. They act soothingly and are also characterised by qualities such as stubbornness and the pursuit of goals.
  • Blue colour is considered a symbol of the night. The flowers that grew up in your home suggest peace, relaxation and rest, set people to fabrication. So-called “cold” shades help fight aggression.
  • White colours symbolise air, water, clean thoughts and deeds. The presence of white flowers selected for your creative yard helps to overcome emotional illness.

Once you have become familiar with the meaning of the main colours, you have the primary task of being the owner of a garden selected with the right nuances and smells to bring you satisfaction, inner peace and tranquillity.

Flowers that give life to your garden

Shrubs, and especially flowering, are a must-have addition to landscaping your little Paradise. No matter coniferous or broad-leaved, they add the addition to the other flowers. Most of them are deciduous and perennial, their flowering varies from three weeks to several months. You could use a small trick by choosing them to alternate the flowering period and always enjoy an incredible decoration.

Also, if your garden is only visited during a certain season, such as a summer villa with a splendid view of the balcony and a small corner in front of it, set the emphasis on flowering at that time.

Before setting up bush groups, define the “field of expression” in the form of the driveway, the recreation area, the fence gap, or any other architectural element to which you want to change the appearance. Some beautiful and giving a different look to your garden could be the following:


It is an incredible, medium-sized, perennial bush that blooms annually from spring to autumn. It has a range of numerous white, pink, red and different shades of blue colours. Due to the proper pruning it develops a lot of leaf mass and large spherical inflorescence.

Unlike most plants, hortensia loves shady and semi-shady places. Strong direct sunlight slows down its growth, and the flowers remain smaller in size. So, if you are wondering what to use the “dark” part, it is the perfect choice. Hortensia requires regular and abundant watering. The soil improves with organic and mineral fertilisers.

Roses are an invariable part of most flower gardens.

They are not accidentally called the “queen of flowers”. They are aromatic and possess grace and sophistication. Not in vain is the first flower that arises in your consciousness in an association of love. Bring this constant love into your garden. Position in the sun, these shades that suit you the most. They need to stay in the sun for at least 6 hours a day. The roots are watered abundantly twice a week, taking care not to wet the leaves. Sprinkle in the morning or after sunset.

If the rose is the queen of flowers, then the peony must be the king in the garden. Also called Imperial Flower, the plant impresses with kiky colours and fragrant aroma. Gardeners say the peony is a tough flower, but it also has its own conditions for its owners to grow healthy and beautiful.

The borage needs moderate watering so the soil does not dry out. The sunflower requires a bright and cosy place to grow. It also suffers a partial shadow, but for a short time. Otherwise it stops giving colour. It needs fertile soil, saturated with humus and beneficial substances. To be well drained because the roots of the peony can easily rot.

Another invariable part of each garden are the following well-known ones, but hiding their secret sense:


Yellow Crocus is a herbaceous, perennial plant. At the end of February the flowers of the crocus light up the winter meadows as small flames. The yellow crocus is a short-blooming plant that reaches 10-15 cm high.

The yellow crocus prefers damp, well-drained soils, but does not tolerate preponderance. Yellow crocus likes to grow in the sun or moderate shade in the absence of strong winds.


A beautiful garden without blossoming tulips, could not welcome the spring. It is the popular flower that rises during the first warm days and therefore nature has given it, in addition to the variety of colours and the interweaving colours in one. It is like a gift from nature and is characterised by its uniqueness.

The tulip could adapt to all environment conditions, but it is best developed in open, roasted but at the same time protected from wind. It needs well-drained, light, neutral soil rich in nutrients.


The flower blooms from the end of March to the end of May. There are simple, quiche colours that resemble a bell. You would not be deprived of the strong and pleasant scent that you would never confuse. Colours can be in a variety of colours. White, yellow, pink, red, blue, violet, etc. are encountered.

There are slightly pointed leaves. In order to reach its maximum height and raise the maximum number of flowers, soil with a light and predominantly sandy, well-fertilised, degraded animal manure is needed. He likes a sunny and airy place. The list presented so far does not exhaust your possibilities, but the taste and flair of flowers, as well as their proper planting and cultivation will give you favourable results and suggestion for you.

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