Spring flowers – a symbol of a new life

Spring – a new beginning

Spring comes and with it the thirst for life. The magic that brings this season with them is the thrill of something new. The rise of temperatures, the song of the birds, and those shades of colour in our consciousness create a feeling of positive vibration.

The problems and worries that have been conveyed from the early stages are diminished by what is borne in the air. A way to enhance the smile is the flowers that contribute to their diversity and individuality.

Spring flowers that inspire life in your garden

The garden and its colours selected in it speaks a lot about you. It is an indivisible part of almost every garden. They remind you that the end of winter is coming to an awakening spring.

It is considered the flower of the dawn goddess. The crispy, with its variety of colours, passes from the cold to the hot range: purple, white or yellow-orange. It likes completely sunny areas and well-moistened soil.


A traditional and familiar flowering flower in March, April and early May. It does not go unnoticed by its strong and slightly sharp smell. This is a prerequisite for the name that derives from Greek origin and means “astonishing, narcotic”.

Its gentle colour is always slightly sloping down. When it grows by water it creates the impression that it enjoys its reflection. It is often referred to as a symbol of love.

In the language of the flowers, the yellow daffodil means: “You are the sun that illuminates my life.” White is a sign of attention and humility. He sends the message, “Stay as you are, the sun shines brighter when we are together,” writes the newspaper “Everything about the family”.

Varieties are becoming more and more varied with each passing year and vary in size, colour and colour. The sunny places are his favourite as well as well-drained soil.


The possibility of long alleys or the various geometric shapes under which the tulips can be arranged to create a magnificent accent of your garden space, give out the beauty and beauty.

The tulips symbolise love. The red tulips are an expression of true love, while the white is the expression of forgiveness, the purple is a sign of reality. The bouquet, which could be combined with the different colours, is considered a compliment to the eyes of the recipient.

The selection of varieties does not stop surprising us and satisfies all tastes and whims. They need a sunny place and possibly remove the bulbs every year after the foliage begins to turn yellow.


Once, touched by this scent, you could not forget it. It dissolves its colours similar to grapes in the spring. The hyacinth symbolises persistence, gaming and entertainment. The purple hyacinth regrets sadness and a request for forgiveness, the pink hyacinth – sincerity, and the white hyacinth – love.

I love sunny, but partly shady, combined with well-drained soil. You could grow it in a pot or be part of your garden symbolising your identity.

Lily of the valley

The lily of the valley is suitable for growing both in the garden and in the interior, it grows in shady places and is characteristic of the familiar scent. The colours of this gentle flower are a symbol of purity, tenderness, faithfulness and love.

The lime tear is poisonous, but the extract of it helps the human heart to work better. Along with that this extraction also helps the beauty of Lily of the valley colours, implying an additional incentive for life.

In case you want to grow it in your home, you need to select rhizomes with bigger flower buds to ensure blooming next year, with more and more manufacturers starting to offer specially designed rhinoceros for the interior.

In the garden, provide a half-shaven place, regularly wean it, and do not dig it up so as not to hurt the young plants that are about to grow.


In March the gardens and the balcony straps are full of fragrant weevils. The moths are well known in our country as spring and as autumn-flowering seasonal flowers. Variations in their colours are numerous and suitable both for flower beds in the garden and for potting on the balcony.

Violets express modesty, shyness, it is the symbol of life and happiness. People who prefer violets are capable of pure feelings at any age. They need rich soil and a sunny place and are regularly watered without overdoing. Colourful violets like the cooler weather.

Violet is one of the most suitable flowers for planting in the early spring. They love sunny, but also partly sunny spaces, combined with well-drained soil.


It is one of the most preferred flowers for planting in the spring, as fills with tenderness and romance. The sweet and pleasant spring scent of the lilac flowering is the true symbol of the emerging love. The Purple Lilac says, “I give you your heart!” And the White: “Let’s Love Us!”

The Lilac can also symbolise an old, forgotten friendship – then the colour is irrelevant. It exists in different shapes, colours and sizes – from shrubs to trees. It likes a sunny place and well-drained soil.

The long-awaited freshness and warmth come with the most enjoyable season of the year. The morning spring dawn gives birth to the spark of life, the activity and the smiles are increasing. Spring, as well as flowers, are singed not once, which again shows their uniqueness.

Flowers, as well as people, carry colours.

The variations of our mood depend on many factors, but the beauty and abundance of spring flowers bring to the garden and home a scent and a variety of feelings.

The symbol of each flower, as you have seen, is an expression of feelings we sometimes can not express in words. Arrange your garden as an expression of your traits with our garden landscaping service, so you will always look at a fraction of you and your desired moods.

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