The Essentials of Garden Landscaping

A garden is but an extension of the indoor space of your home. It can be the perfect place for enjoyment and relaxation. Even a small garden can add another dimension to the existing space as long as it is designed right and that is where garden landscaping comes into the picture.

A job for professionals

This might seem like a simple task but only professional landscapers will be able to convert your garden into an enviable green space. And that is exactly what we help you with.  We create functional green spaces that blend in perfectly with the design of your home.

We work around your budget and can also take up the garden landscaping work in stages if you like. This makes it easier for you to handle the financial aspect of garden landscaping easily. There are several benefits to having a well planned garden with the right kind of layout.


Hardscaping is not always required to provide privacy to your garden area. Some clever garden landscaping tricks can work perfectly well and offer the same benefits. If there are too many close neighbours or any other view that you wish to block out, we can position fences at certain intervals, as required. Trellises and creepers can be grown over them and they create a lovely façade, provide security and privacy and serve a very functional purpose.


If you have been avoiding using your garden in the hot summer months or during cold winter days, consider installing some elements that will provide you with a certain amount of shade. Awnings, umbrellas, patios, decks as well as pergolas with plants running over them are a perfect way to create some shade in the garden. We can handle all garden landscaping and planting of trees and shrubs which will provide some additional shade and make your garden a very pleasant place.


If you have any garden features like a water body or fountain, we can create the most attractivegarden landscaping around it. An outdoor fireplace or a fire pit is the perfect way to break the monotony in design and adding appropriate plants adds to their beauty. Ground level lighting or uplighting is a good way to add a touch of romance to garden landscaping.

We have years of experience in this field and know exactly what kinds of materials and plants can be used to create the right effect. Call Eden Gardens for the best garden landscaping on 0800 022 4112 or reach us at

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