Top 10 most beautiful flowers in the world

The beauty of flowers is indescribable. Have you ever happened to go down the road and notice a handsome man from whom you can sigh? Perhaps everyone notices human beauty, but how often have flowers awakened you? Make you notice them more often to see that they are the purest creatures of nature. They are so sincere and tender, though inanimate. Only the real connoisseur could touch their grace. There is no way to be exhaustive what is described below, but certainly, some of the most admirable plants are mentioned.

Rose – it is defined as a synonym for love.

If you want to show a woman more special feelings, as well as to emphasise her beauty, then the rose is the flower that you do not need to think twice about even for a moment. She is definitely in the top charts for this purpose. The rose is also referred to as the “Queen of Flowers” and has many legends related to it. It has a historical message that it is the beginning and end of mankind – colour is birth and love, and thorns are equal to pain and death. There is also the theory that the blood that has flowed on the cross of Christ and fell to the earth then grows a rose to remind him of it.

Water Lily – brings a symbol of eloquence and beauty.

There is a belief that the water lily breaks over a certain period of several days and it is from a person who knows how, because it is believed that where there are water spirits growing and they will punish the one who is trying to take away their flower. The water lily is a gentle and delicate plant with an indescribable aroma that they used at the time of crochet wreaths for the wedding brides of young brides. It is also widely used in medicine and cosmetics.

Cala – often referred to as a bridal flower, although the Romans used it for funerals

It mainly symbolises family union, confidence and serious intentions, as well as kingdom and majesty. The stems of the calf, as well as the deep yellow cochin in the middle, carry the passion for family passion and sexuality. Its shape is unconventional and often painted by artists, involved in the making of decorations, decorations and jewellery. It is used in cosmetics, medicine and less in culinary.

Jade Vine – although a very rare plant, it is unique, exotic and multicoloured

It develops long, healthy lions, flowering in a variety of colours, most often in the red-violet range. It bears this name because of the flowers that slide down elegantly and resemble the colours of natural crystals jade and turquoise. The individual flowers could be likened to a butterfly.

Camelia Middelist – considered to be one of the rarest flowers in the world

It was discovered by the gardener John Middlemost who carried it from China to the United Kingdom. Now, there are only two Midwest in the world – in New Zealand and the UK. The type of flower resembles a rose and has an expressive pink colour. It is extremely difficult for breeding.

Queen of the Night

So rare and special flower that hides great beauty. It is lucky to be the one who has seen it because the flower that is characteristic of it is that it grows mostly in the forests of Sri Lanka but the most specific is that it blooms once a year at night and withers before the dawn. This short-term to this day can not be explained, but it is clear that the flower is very expensive, blooms under certain conditions and has a very favourable scent.


Tulips grow all over the world and are preferred for bouquets for all occasions, but still most commonly associated with the nickname “Dutch tulips”. There are species, both in one colour and colourful, that carry a certain individuality due to their different patterns. The tulip is generally known to carry a symbol of perfect love.


How can not be defined as a beautiful flower, because from it the gentle tenderness, love and is associated with fertility. Because of symmetry and straight lines of petals, the flower has often been likened to a beautiful woman. In the Middle Ages, flowers were used as the main ingredient for love potions. It is also thought to represent elegance, elegance and tranquillity, and even supported by the fact that women’s dresses are created in this form.

Chocolate space

A rare and beautiful flower that grows in Mexico. Its name suggests the chocolate flavour that is felt when it blooms. It blooms at dusk towards the end of summer in brown or colour burgundy. It is a protected flower and its last appearance is artificially propagated by scientists.

Ljulak – gives sophistication and finesse and marks its origin from today’s Iran

It quickly becomes a favourite flower and is sown in all places. Confidence according to Frenchmen and Russians is that it brings happiness, and if you dream lilac means that you will wake up in love. The English, more gloomy and cold, say the white lilac symbolises sorrow, anguish, and misery. The important thing is that it is such a beautiful flower with an incredible aroma that can not be overlooked.

God has given all that variety of colours, types, shapes and smell to be watched and cared for. Everyone knows how important he feels when he gets a bouquet, though at times sad because of his life. Maybe, however, they were created precisely in order to enjoy the eye and cause smiles on people’s faces.

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