What are the best home landscaping ideas?

The garden is the place that greets us every day when we cross the threshold of our home. If you have left her to govern herself for a long time, it is time to take care of the renewal of her splendor. Just think how many positive emotions and energy it brings you and start its transformation. Today, everyone can find countless landscaping ideas that are suitable for the area and layout of the yard. 

Top ideas for home landscaping

Spring and summer are the warm and life-giving seasons, and they are already on the doorstep. You are probably wondering how to refresh your garden to be optimally filled, with easy maintenance and little money? This is the best idea for landscaping and we will try to help you with some successful practices in this regard. 

Low maintenance garden

idea This type of idea is suitable for properties that have an irregular shape of the outdoor space in front of your home. The options are countless, and you could create some place to relax, under a green carpet, to separate a corner sector with flower beds, etc. Hydrangea, Impatiens walleriana, Thuja, Hosta ‘Montana Aureomarginata’ and others are great solutions for plants. They will decorate your yard, give beautiful flowers, and when they come out of the flowering phase – remain green until the end of summer. 

Evergreen trees and shrubs

No one wants beautiful and fresh greenery to leave it in any season, but unfortunately most plants bloom and overwinter. Therefore, the best solution, in this case, is to rely on coniferous shrubs and trees to create an ideal landscape around the house. They are not pretentious in terms of maintenance and at the same time remain green all year round. 

A great example of their location is the front row of shrubs and the back row is outlined with trees. Although we are talking about conifers, it is very diverse in species and sizes, so you can find many charming plants. 

Cascading landscape with pots and planted shrubs

This idea is great for smaller backyards and even for creating a true oasis on a larger porch. Earthy plants such as various evergreen shrubs can be complemented by flower pots at the entrance to the house. For example, if there are wide stairs. This projection is relatively simple, you can’t go wrong, but it will add a variety of shades. The yard will become much more attractive, like a floral cascade, which greets everyone with its aroma and colors.

Vertical landscaping

Vertical landscaping is a standard solution, but always creates a pleasing landscape for the eye. It actually means a gradual increase in the height of the vegetation. It creates a great effect on life and allows it to be combined in many ways and with different vegetation. 

Double wavy garden

These are the so-called. “Curved gardens”. They can meander in one or two columns, and here we have chosen the second type for a more remarkable type. These gardens are great for people who want to bring a little artistic style to the yard. For this purpose, different types of plants and decorative white gravel with sawdust can be combined.

In the foreground, the area is planted with blooming flowers for more mood and breaking the boring atmosphere. Cover the top of the soil with sawdust. This will achieve a double effect – water retention in the soil and natural hydration of the flowers. Then make a back row, which is best to plant with conifers.Their soil is covered with white gravel to provide contrast and good drainage.

Rock garden with a fountain

Here is a favorite idea of ​​many gardeners. The characteristic of the rock garden with a fountain is the creation of a rock garden in combination with a purchased or handmade fountain of the desired size. This place is like a part of nature, it looks natural and casual. 

You could cover the rest of the garden with sawdust to mulch the soil for the various plants growing there. Choose a few plants that would fit well. 

Royal landscaping

Our latest offer is for aesthetes, for those who like to stand out with a more aristocratic design. Royal landscaping is suitable for larger and more spacious gardens, similar to those in royal homes. This type of gardens impresses mostly with variety and wonderful arrangement. 

When choosing plants to create an aristocratic garden you need to be careful. You will probably need to prepare the soil more precisely. The possibilities are many, but the principles of style, elegance, synchronicity and unity must be observed. 

A good solution is the combination of ornamental deciduous shrubs with short flowering shrubs and shaped evergreen shrubs.


We hope you enjoyed the ideas we have offered you. Planting any vegetation can be very different and in combination to create a real masterpiece. Landscaping is a type of art that allows a wide variety of projects. Improve the attractiveness of your home and create the impression of a well-kept yard all year round.

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