What are the best landscape design practical books?

Many garden owners who are trying to design a space for themselves rely on information received mostly from the Internet. Of course, search engines allow you to find everything you need quickly and easily, but you don’t know how competent an opinion you will get. It is advisable to refer to specialist literature purchased online or from a nearby bookstore, or borrow a book from family and friends. Sometimes people who discuss different topics in the wide web can be misled by some tips. This will lead to poor results – monetary losses, wasted time and repeated actions.

What are the best practice books on landscape design?

You will probably be surprised how many books exist in the field of Landscape. It turns out that many authors want to give their followers useful tips, techniques and ways to create projects and the subsequent maintenance of gardens. Landscape architects are extremely interested in any book on the market. They, as well as some lovers, do not stop to read about Landscape.

Lawn Gone! Low-Maintenance, Sustainable, Attractive Alternatives to Your Yard

by Pam Penick

In Pam Penick’s book you can find great alternatives for your empty yard. He has said more than once that it is possible to have an attractive garden with relatively little care. All this is accomplished with the right design – more drought-tolerant plants by combining some wonderful artificial herbs. Thus, a wonderful landscape could be achieved which would require much less watering and other additional activities. This guide is designed for those who do not want their exterior to be an empty lawn but do not have the time for continuous maintenance – an extremely practical book.

Edible Landscaping

by Rosalind Creasy

In Vegetable Landscaping, the author directs gardeners and landscaping professionals to build projects that incorporate edible plants. Such are the variety of vegetables and some fruits. Not only will it be an interesting and different garden, but you will also have the opportunity to eat a fresh, delicious and eco-friendly salad. In addition, you will add some color to the yard when they reach the ripening process. The best solution Rosalind offers as an expert in this area is to strike a balance – some greenery, few plants to eat, and flowering vegetation. This will give you the practical exterior you are looking for.

Taylor’s Master Guide to Landscaping

by Rita Buchanan

Rita Buchanan introduces landscape design to its real-world framework. Landashting is much more labor intensive than regular gardening, which some see as an impossible task. Building such a landscape requires skills and knowledge of techniques that must be put into practice. Usually one would have a hard time managing landscape modeling, and students need a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge. However, this book will be useful in several ways. You will learn how to test the skills of hired landscapers, as well as many tricks and tips for self-selecting plants, creating beautiful projects and more.

Step-by-Step Landscaping, 2nd Edition 

by Better Homes and Gardens

If you want to make your outdoor home a great place to spend your time, this edition will be of great help to you. The first issue of Better Homes and Gardens has gained a lot of popularity, and you will find its updated version here. You will find great designs and photos that are not small in number. It will certainly assist you in choosing a project and your garden. This book is mostly for beginner landscapers who can see each step-by-step process.

Landscape Architecture: An Introduction

by Robert Holden

This reading is a great need for anyone who is looking for a brilliant career in landscape architecture. It gives readers the opportunity to delve deeper into the basics of Landscape, as well as the principles of design and subsequent maintenance. Robert Holden’s modern book even presents a variety of digital design techniques, which is basically the job of those skilled in the art.

Landscape Graphics: Plan, Section, and Perspective Drawing of Landscape Spaces

by Grant Reed

Grant Reed creates a read that is more like a textbook, and is targeted directly at those who wish to specialize in the field of landscape architecture. The author expresses himself more expertly and focuses on the key things. He says he needs to know about the graphic techniques used in business. The book is a transition from lighter and simpler topics to complications in different techniques – for example, complete diagrams. If you are committed to developing and succeeding in the landscape, then make sure to add this book to your library. It gives you the opportunity to practice and improve your skills.

Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture

by Bradley Cantrell and Wes Michaels

Digital Drawing is an important factor for the good work of any landscape expert. In order to become a sought-after and successful architect, not only do you have to design mentally, you have to digitize the imagined. In fact, it leads to efficiency in completing your tasks faster, achieving greater flexibility, faster response times to change, and achieving high uniqueness. The good thing about the book is that it will give you a serious impetus on the path to reaching your coveted goal – getting the nickname architect. Be sure to do the practical exercises contained within.

Principles of Ecological Landscape Design

by Travis Beck

Without knowledge of the basic principles of anything, you can not do well. In Landscape, it is more than necessary to know as much as possible. It is for this purpose that author Travis Beck creates “Principles of Green Landscape Design”. It is important that the landscape that is created is charming but also sustainable in time. Here every picture that is created in the outer space is viewed from an ecological point of view. Only then do the different concepts laid down in the landscape apply.

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