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Garden Designs & Ideas

Certain space require certain arrangements to bring that feelings of Zen, Joy and Happiness.

This is the aim of our Garden Designers at Eden Gardens.

Garden Landscaping

The most important structural lay out of the land.

With top end materials and Craftsman Heart our Landscape projects gets in to there bloom year after year.

Professional Garden Maintenance

The Main thing in the nature is to be maintained.

That’s why we provide professional Garden maintenance as we know how and understand what the plants need to be happy and how to look after the Mother Earth as she look after us.

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Legends about the forest violet Violet is among the favourite flowers of small and large. It grows in forests, meadows, gardens and parks. The forest violet is named “shy flower” because it hides in the grass. In antiquity, it was used to fill the marriage bed, and the great Shakespeare had a weakness to the…
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Every season can fill you with positive emotions, but winter predisposes to sad thoughts. Everything then seems to be dilapidated and slightly devastating, people are more closed, most flowers are “sleeping winter sleep” and silence is everywhere. In order to “relax the setting” nature has created the delicate palette of primrose colours. The flower blooms…
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Lavender is a one-year-old herb that only comes in a blue-violet colour. You probably would not suspect part of the herb’s abilities, It originates from the Mediterranean, but it is still found in the wild nature of the Alps as well as all over Europe. The specific plant is most commonly used to extract essential…
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