The Latest Trends in Landscape Gardening

The Latest Trends in Landscape Gardening

The Latest Trends in Landscape Gardening

Calling all landscape gardeners in West London! Are you ready for a change? If so, then it might be time to consider some of the fascinating new trends in landscape gardening. From eco-friendly design to the very best in garden tech, there’s a lot to love about 2024’s landscape gardening trends and today we’ll be exploring the best of them, so stick around to find out more!

Eco-Friendly Design

The conversation around eco-friendly gardens often focuses on gardening practises themselves, but there’s a lot about the design of your garden that can help to facilitate eco-friendly gardening. After all, the spaces you plan out will likely affect how you use them, so it’s important to consider how your hardscaping will shape the way you use your garden.

For example, over the last year wildflower beds/anti-gardening has become increasingly popular. This low-effort, eco-friendly approach is perfect for time-strapped garden lovers but without the right planning, it can be unsustainable. In the long term, the anti-gardening approach runs the risk of looking shabby if you don’t plan things out ahead of time and design spaces that will compliment a more ‘naturalistic’ look.

Outdoor Tech 

‘Smart gardens’, as some have dubbed them, are a growing phenomenon among younger gardeners with everything from automated sprinklers to solar-powered lights taking over the outdoor space. If done right, this blend of nature and technology can create both a comforting and comfortable outdoor space.

In fact, many are even taking this approach a step further by blurring the line between indoor and outdoor gardens. If you’re the type to take your living room out onto the patio then you’ll definitely want to explore how tech-driven landscape gardening can make your life easier.

Sand Gardening

Now this last one has been a bit of a wildcard in recent months but increasing numbers of landscape gardeners in West London are now discovering the benefits – not to mention the unique aesthetic – of sand gardening.

Gardening with horticultural sand alongside traditional soil and compost can massively improve drainage and aeration while also acting as an excellent top dressing. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garden and try something new this summer then sand gardening might be perfect for you.

Of course, it never hurts to get some help from the experts. Here at Eden Gardens, we’re proud to call ourselves the best landscape gardeners in West London. We’ve worked on projects big and small and we’re always happy to offer a free consultation and a quote. Just call today at 0800 022 4112 or by emailing and together we can start planning the garden of your dreams!

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