Lawn Repair & Maintenance

A lawn is the centerpiece of most peoples’ gardens. It should be lush green, well cut and beautifully presented. Eden Gardens takes lawn care very seriously – lawn maintenance accounts for 20%-30% of our business. We have an established reputation in this area and can even work our magic on lawns that at first glance need re-turfing. Just imagine the savings you can make!

Customers can opt for a seasonal lawn care plan that includes labor service costs. Weekly or fortnightly care plans are also available. They run from March to November and can be paid for on a seasonal or monthly basis.

What Can We Do For Your Lawn?

EDEN GARDENS offers a range of lawn care and treatment services to provide you with a lawn that you can be proud of. Every lawn is different, and to get the most benefits from it, a range of services may be required to rectify any problems.

After receiving your free analysis and quotation, we clearly outline what is required, and provide a program of treatments to improve your lawn.

As a minimum, EDEN GARDENS provides seasonal feed and weed, and moss control applications to keep your lawn in good health. All of these include bespoke fertilizer applications that are tailored to provide what is necessary.

Regular Treatments

Your lawns will receive the treatments below, tailored to what is required at that time.


What’s Included In The Spring Treatment?

Spring is often the time homeowners start using our services. Our fertilizer choice at this time of year is based on how your lawns have fared throughout the winter months.

After an analysis of your lawn current condition, our experts will apply a fertilizer that will be most beneficial. We typically avoid using high amounts of nitrogen as this can cause problems as we move further into the year. Too much nitrogen can also cause excessive growth.

Weeds are also controlled during this application with selective weed-killers to specifically eliminate the weeds that are growing in your lawn.

Key points we look out for:

Any diseases or disorders that may have occurred over the winter months, a suitable fertilizer will be required to help deal with these problems.

The development and growth of weeds that are present, so that the most appropriate weed-killer can be applied.

What’s Included In The Early Summer Treatment?

Summer is the time of year when all our customers want their lawn to look its best. The fertilizer that was applied to your lawn in spring will contribute to this, but the feed we apply during this treatment will ensure that your lawn remains thick and green throughout the summer.

We use micro-granular feeds at this time of year, tailored for the requirements of your lawn. Major factors that have to be considered at the time of this lawn treatment are the development of common lawn diseases in this season, and the likeliness of any drought conditions over the coming weeks.

Drought conditions can stress your lawn and cause further problems, therefore a fertilizer that provides better stress control would be applied.

Weed-killer is applied if required to deal with any new weeds that may have appeared in your lawn.

Key points we look out for:

The early development of common diseases that can ruin the appearance of your lawn. These can be controlled to an extent with correct fertilizer choice.

Early signs of turf stress that may be caused by dry weather. A soil analysis may take place to help identify the best products for a particularly dry lawn.

What’s Important During Late Summer?

One of the man factors we consider in late summer is how your lawns have fared since the last treatment. If severe drought conditions have occurred, or are still in place, they may be causing your lawn to become stressed.

The choice of fertilizer here is therefore critical. We use established nitrogen compound feeds that contain essential trace elements.

Any further weed problems are dealt with if necessary.

Key points we look out for:

Stress symptoms due to continuous hot and dry weather.

Diseases that often occur during humid conditions.

Grass sward density. We need to maintain a dense sward with an even colour.

What Are The Benefits of Autumn Lawn Care?

This is one of the most important treatments of our feed program as it prepares your lawn for the harsh winter conditions ahead. Our main priority for this treatment is to strengthen the grassroots to ensure the plant is healthy through the colder months.

The products we use at this time of year are designed to last longer in wetter conditions and will also hold back the beginning of moss spores in shaded and damp areas of your lawn.

Key points we look out for:

The strength of the roots of your lawn. We need to apply a product that will maintain root strength through out winter.

Moss growth. Moss spores need to be controlled early on to stop the moss spreading across your lawn.

Autumn and winter disease development. Specific amounts of each nutrient are required to help stop the development of some diseases.

The health of the grass leaves. We need to maintain a healthy green colour as the grass can be put under a lot of stress over the coming months.

Why Is Winter Lawn Care So Important?

Most homeowners care less about their lawn at this time of year as the temperature drops. However, our winter treatments are undoubtedly one of the most important treatments of the year. If your lawn has ever had moss problems, then our winter treatment will help. We use liquid root development fertilizers to help wet lawn, together with our moss control.

Various potential issues need to be considered at this time of year such as drainage quality, light availability to allow the lawn to survive, and the current root strength after the autumn treatment.

Key points we look out for:

  • Moss development. This is the time of year where moss can spread across your lawn, therefore it needs to be controlled.
  • Persistent weeds. Some weeds can take multiple applications to kill completely, therefore we include weed killer on this treatment where required.
  • Drainage issues. Poor drainage can impact the choice of products we use as we have to ensure they will last long enough. 

Our teams of lawn care experts are dedicated to provide a superior service at competitive prices, using their extensive knowledge in the turf industry. We welcome the opportunity to offer our lawn care and lawn treatment service with the guarantee of exceeding all of your expectations.