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What makes landscaping so expensive?

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Landscaping requires a lot of time and effort, which more consumers decide to save by hiring a professional in the field. This is the surest result that the existing corner (land, garden, yard) will acquire a more attractive appearance with a few important steps. Investing in a landscaping process is worth it because it adds…

What makes a garden more attractive?

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There is nothing more wonderful than having the opportunity to spend our free time outdoors, in solitude, in our private yard. However, before you get the desired attractive place, you need to think about how to achieve it. Whether we have specific ideas and want to supplement with expert advice or not, it is important…

What is a formal modern style landscape design?

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Formal garden elements are simple and can be easily adapted to any outdoor space. Garden designs can be both traditional of the Renaissance type and more modern and up-to-date. Design principles include clean lines, geometric shapes and the like for a better and easier combination between them.  Defining a Modern Formal Landscape Design Before pointing…

What are the innovative landscaping ideas?

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Innovation is all around us. Invariably, everyone strives to dress according to the new fashion, to furnish their home according to the new standards and, last but not least, to change the look of the garden, following the best trends on the market. See what is current at the moment in the overall landscaping and…

What are the best home landscaping ideas?

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The garden is the place that greets us every day when we cross the threshold of our home. If you have left her to govern herself for a long time, it is time to take care of the renewal of her splendor. Just think how many positive emotions and energy it brings you and start…

What are the Basics of Landscaping and Garden Design?

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Landscape designs are those aesthetes that can turn even the most ordinary garden into a paradise. Their work is art, but a little different from the traditional one. Their design is constantly changing as plants grow and develop, environmental conditions change, and so on. Every professional should be familiar with landscaping innovations to help the…

How much does it cost to landscape a small garden in the UK?

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Do you have a clear vision for filling the outside space? Do you dream of someone realizing your project, in addition to offering you even better ideas? This dream can become a reality by investing in good landscape professionals. What does this mean? How much would it cost to plant a small garden?  How much…

What is the most important aspect of garden design?

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The design of the garden should be a fully considered project, and then move on to its actual implementation. Any owner who has outdoor space can take on this task, or trust a landscape designer. Can we talk about a single important aspect of garden design, or are there actually many more? Find out in…

What makes a garden landscape beautiful?

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The design of the garden is no less important than that of the interior of our home. It emphasizes our style and is exposed to the first glance when visited by outsiders or bystanders around the fence. Learn a few basic but very effective principles in the design of outdoor space that will make the…

Gardening in March

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March at a Glance 1. Plant summer bulbs, such as Dahlia and Lily 2. Pruning month: Roses, Buddleia, Cornus, Hydrangea and more 3. Plant snowdrops for next year’s display 4. Prepare the veg plot 5. Sow hardier seeds and half-hardy annuals under glass  March in the Garden March the first month of spring and the…

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