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How to make your own Christmas wreath

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Make your own Christmas Wreath The history of the homemade wreath goes back for centuries. The early Romans would gift the evergreen branches to family and friends at the beginning of each year to wish health and strength upon them. The branches were then twisted and shaped into simple wreaths. It is believed that the…

Preparing for Winter Chills

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In November there is still a lot to enjoy in the garden – the last autumn leaves, glossy berries and bright winter stems bring colour as the days shorten. In the veg garden there harvests of root crops and brassicas to bring in. You can still plant too, whether it is tulip bulbs or bare-root…

Sustainable Garden

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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan, Author   Reducing Your Environmental Footprint in the Garden Switching over to sustainable gardening practices goes a long way to building a garden that you can enjoy, admire, and even eat. At the same time, you reduce…

Alluring Autumn Beauty

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The time of year that Keats called the ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’, autumn is a season famous for its harvest times, turning leaves, cooling temperatures and darkening nights. There is something quite magical and beautiful about this time of year; the sounds, the smells, the long, invigorating walks through fallen leaves and, of…

How to choose the right plants for a garden?

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Choosing plants to fill your garden can be difficult. You hardly know the abundance of green and flowering vegetation, in what conditions they must be planted to grow well, what climate they prefer, etc. Well, more information is needed to obtain this information.  Emphasize the most important steps when choosing plants. After a while, you…
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What are garden landscape services?

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Many homeowners of large, spacious homes with wide yard space leave their garden empty. The biggest mistake they make is looking at weeds and a flat field instead of trusting a specialist in Garden Landscaping in North London. Of course, most people think that they can not do it alone with the preparation of the…


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Legends about the forest violet Violet is among the favourite flowers of small and large. It grows in forests, meadows, gardens and parks. The forest violet is named “shy flower” because it hides in the grass. In antiquity, it was used to fill the marriage bed, and the great Shakespeare had a weakness to the…


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Every season can fill you with positive emotions, but winter predisposes to sad thoughts. Everything then seems to be dilapidated and slightly devastating, people are more closed, most flowers are “sleeping winter sleep” and silence is everywhere. In order to “relax the setting” nature has created the delicate palette of primrose colours. The flower blooms…


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Lavender is a one-year-old herb that only comes in a blue-violet colour. You probably would not suspect part of the herb’s abilities, It originates from the Mediterranean, but it is still found in the wild nature of the Alps as well as all over Europe. The specific plant is most commonly used to extract essential…


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Hydrangea is a lush, flowering plant that has a strong interest in home and garden cultivation. It belongs to the family of perennial shrubs of medium height, it has large oval leaves and many small flowers, shaped like a big ball. It originates from Japan and China in its traditional form but has subsequently created…

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