Garden landscape ideas for a sustainable outdoor space

Garden landscape ideas for a sustainable outdoor space

As we’re all looking to pull together and do our bit for the environment, it’s only right that our efforts start with our very own green spaces. Sustainable elements not only save the planet, but can be implemented into your garden landscaping plan with little effort, minimal cost and can retain the stylistic concept you’ve worked hard to build over the years. 

Sustainable garden landscaping extends to the design, creation and maintenance process, that culminate together to collectively minimise environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. As a leading landscape company, the team at Eden Gardens want you to get clued up on how you can make your green space, even more green-friendly with garden landscape ideas for a new and improved sustainable outdoor living space.

Compost all you can!

Since well before the climate emergency dominated public conversation, composting has always been a tradition for savvy gardeners looking to reduce waste. Implementing a compost pile or bin in the discrete areas of your garden will encourage you to get recycling, whether that be organic waste such as dead leaves, or old food peelings from the kitchen. It’s time to get serious about composting and it’s eco-friendly capacities. 

Keep it Native

From plants to trees and local wildlife, build a space that invites native growth and habitation. Planting plants that are native to your area will ensure ultimate growth and minimal maintenance, as native plants will adapt to the local climate and natural environment.  Incorporate features such as birdhouses to create habitats for local wildlife and promote biodiversity in your outdoor haven!

Solar Lighting Concepts

The benefits of age-old environmentally friendly systems such as solar power not only saves the planet, but saves you money too. A solar lighting concept can be successfully implemented, placing solar lights in the sunniest spots in your garden. This way they will absorb the most light in the day, and create a stunningly sophisticated lighting concept that will add instant atmosphere to your outdoor space.

Mulching for Moisture

Mulching helps to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weed growth, and regulate soil temperature which means it’s a plus all round. Use organic mulch, such as wood chips or leaves, to improve soil health which will boost the growth of your native plants, giving your garden the health kick it needs.

Make Use of Water

If you’re not a fan of rain, then you may as well get some use out of all the rainwater threatening to rain on your sunny parade! Installing a rain barrel to collect rainwater and using it to water your plants is a great sustainable garden landscaping hack. Another tip we always let our customers know about is that watering your garden early in the morning can minimise evaporation and water loss, ensuring everything is watered sufficiently. This can also be done after-hours too. 

From lighting options, to ensuring your soil is nutrient-rich and well watered, your garden can be as environmental as you want it to be. Every element can work together to create an outdoor haven that you can enjoy even more, knowing that you’re doing your part to contribute to the wellbeing of the environment.

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