Getting Your Garden Ready for Autumn

Getting your garden ready for Autumn

Autumn is here, and it is gorgeous to watch the leaves’ shifting colours through the window, snuggled up with a hot chocolate under a blanket. But for the gardener, there is also quite a lot of garden maintenance that needs to be done. To make it as easy as possible for you to manage the garden this autumn, we have created a small garden maintenance checklist. So, make yourself a hot drink and read this through. Your future self will thank you for the garden maintenance you do today.

Garden maintenance checklist

Garden maintenance is not hard, but checklists are always helpful:

  •     Mow the lawn on dry days.
  •     Even out worm casts with a broom.
  •     Remove debris on the grass to avoid disease.
  •     Bring tender plants inside.
  •     Plant spring bulbs in September.
  •     Store outdoor furniture.
  •     Clean up the vegetable garden.
  •     Clear your gutters and drains.
  •     Think about the birds.
  •     Replenish your lawn with lawn food.
  •     Water plants and grass when necessary.
Take note of the changing weather.

We hope that this little list will make it more enjoyable for you to care for your garden maintenance this autumn. And don’t forget, adjust your watering depending on how wet or dry the autumn months are. It may sound obvious, but if you are used to wet autumns, you may forget to water grass, flowers, and plants in usually dry months. As the climate is changing in many parts of the world, being aware of this is helpful. In the event that it rains more than usual, it might be wise to bring the furniture into storage sooner rather than later.

Be warm and comfortable.

Remember to have fun with your garden maintenance. Gardening is such a joyous activity. You will enjoy keeping up with the garden maintenance if you make sure that you have warm and comfortable clothes suitable for the changing weather. When it’s all been taken care of, and the birds have thanked you for the tasty snacks and lovely shelter from the rain, you may want to check whether the fences need mending or if the tools or garden house need a good cleaning. It will make you smile in spring!

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