7 Trends in Landscape Gardening for 2024, According to Eden Gardens

7 Trends in Landscape Gardening for 2024, According to Eden Gardens

As brighter months are on their way, the landscape gardening world is buzzing with new trends for 2024 that are set to redefine our outdoor spaces. Eden Gardens, a leader in innovative landscape design, shares insights into the top trends that homeowners are going to love. From sustainable practices to tech-integrated landscapes, here’s what you can expect to see in the coming year.

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gardens

Sustainability remains at the forefront of landscape gardening trends. Eden Gardens predicts an increase in the use of local plants and gardens-grown-wild  which are better adapted to local climates and support local wildlife. Additionally, water conservation techniques, such as rainwater harvesting and drought-tolerant plantings, will become increasingly popular, reflecting a growing awareness of environmental concerns.

2. Outdoor Living Spaces

The demand for functional, comfortable outdoor living areas is on the rise. Expect to see more gardens designed for year-round use, featuring outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and weather-proof seating areas. Eden Gardens highlights the integration of indoor comfort with outdoor beauty as a key trend for 2024.

3. Home-Grown Gardens

The farm-to-table movement extends beyond the kitchen, with more homeowners embracing edible landscapes. Fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and herb plantings are not only practical but also add beauty and fragrance to gardens. Eden Gardens suggests incorporating edible plants into traditional landscaping for a blend of functionality and aesthetics.

4. Smart Gardening

Technology continues to make its way into the garden, with smart irrigation systems, lighting, and even robotic mowers becoming more accessible. These tech solutions offer convenience and efficiency, allowing for more precise control over garden conditions. Eden Gardens sees this as a way to make gardening more accessible to everyone, regardless of their green thumb status.

5. Bold Colours and Textures

Moving away from the minimalist palette, Eden Gardens forecasts a shift towards bold colours and diverse textures in the garden. Vibrant flowering plants, variegated foliage, and textured hardscaping materials will be used to create visually stimulating spaces that spark joy and creativity.

6. Wildlife-Friendly Gardens

Creating habitats for birds, bees, and butterflies is a great way to bring some colour and life into your garden. Eden Gardens emphasises the importance of designing gardens that support biodiversity, using plants that provide nectar, berries, and seeds, and incorporating features like bird baths and insect hotels.

7. Small Space Gardening

With more and more people moving to built up areas, small space gardening will continue to grow in popularity. Vertical gardening, container planting, and compact landscape designs enable city dwellers to make the most of their limited outdoor spaces. Eden Gardens sees this as an opportunity to bring nature into even the smallest of urban environments.

The landscape gardening trends for 2024 reflect a growth in sustainable, functional, and technologically integrated outdoor spaces. All of these trends offer exciting possibilities for transforming our gardens into spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.. Eden Gardens is at the forefront of this movement, embracing innovative approaches to create beautiful, thriving landscapes for the future.

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