The Ultimate List of Garden Landscaping Ideas

Even the smallest of spaces deserve TLC

Helping you make the most of your outdoor spaces is what we do best. We’re passionate about a DIY project that transforms the feel of your garden or front patio. That’s why we’ve created a quintessential roundup list of five stunning and innovative design ideas for your garden that are achievable, cost-effective and will have you admiring your outdoor spaces, all year round.

We bring you our ULTIMATE list of garden landscaping ideas.

Even the smallest of spaces deserve TLC

1. Even the smallest of spaces deserve TLC

Your garden doesn’t have to be as big as Hyde Park to get serious with some eye-catching landscaping design. In fact, a smaller garden can be easily maintained all year round, and makes a perfect space to host guests. Implementing lots of greenery, wild flowers and even a trusty vegetable patch is always a great use of space, however big or small it may be. Some solar-powered fairy lights go a long way and will have you achieving that Pinterest board you’ve been dreaming of creating. We also recommend squeezing in a cosy seating area, where you can kick back and sip on something cool in the summer months, or snuggle up under the heater with your loved one in those harsher winter evenings. Whatever you decide to do with your space, it’s all about perspective and there is potential to be had with any garden. Great things come in small packages after all, right?

Ditch the grass for pebbles

2. Ditch the grass for pebbles

Don’t get us wrong, we love to keep it green and colourful. However, garden maintenance is no joke and is not always everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we recommend ditching the grass (and that lawnmower that hasn’t been used in a million years) and switching things up with some pebbles or stone to achieve an ultra-modern look to your garden. This tactic allows you to get completely creative with patterns and design. Coloured pebbles help to keep your garden vibrant, and some drought-resistant plants will be your secret weapon to keeping things au natural! Going grassless is also a great option for any pet-lovers out there. Say goodbye to gaping holes hidden between the bushes. Keep things slick and contemporary with this low-maintenance hack.

Let’s get tropical

3. Let’s get tropical

Want to step out into your garden and feel like you’re on summer vacation? Okay, so you might not feel the scorching heat on your face, but the exotic plants will make you feel a little closer to your favourite holiday destination. It might be hard to believe that you can achieve a tropical garden in the UK, but we promise it can be done. It just takes a little research, patience and maintenance to achieve some truly wild results! It’s key to look at exotic plants that are durable enough to last the temperamental English weather, which surprisingly, there are many. You can find hardy plants that are fit for UK conditions all over the internet, or we recommend popping into your local garden centre and talking to an expert. There’s no need to wait until summer for a bit of tropical tranquillity, you can grow it in your back garden, all year round.

4. A touch of Japan

A touch of Japan

Masters of design in every respect, there is a lot to be learned and inspired by with Japanese garden landscaping. Often featuring a unique blend of the earth’s natural elements, Japanese landscape design offers an opportunity to restore balance to your outdoor spaces and to reconnect with nature’s beauty in the process. Water is always a predominant feature, as well as some beautifully carved stone, and some uniquely shaped greenery. Adding a touch of Japan to your garden is the ultimate way to create style, space and create a tranquil environment.

5. Level up your garden with tiers

Level up your garden with tiers

With great garden landscaping, it’s all about having the right perspective and that’s why creating two tiers in your garden is the perfect way to implement some variety outback. If you feel like the vertical drop in your garden is useless, then it’s time to get to work. You can easily create two levels with raised beds that can completely reimagine the space. The lower level can be used for a vegetable patch and picnic seating area, whereas the top could even be perfect for a mini greenhouse. Whatever you choose, building a tiered system to soften the harsh curves in your garden is a functional and stylish way to level up your garden’s potential!

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